Thursday 18 April 2024

Up Hill

 See It On A Postcard's Thursday Postcard Hunt is in search of pedal power

Victorian Advertisement
The bicycle opening up a whole new world.  The road sign says "Caution to Cyclists. This hill is dangerous".  Nothing like a dangerous woman.

Rudge were one of the early bicycle manufacturers and after Daniel Rudge's early death it merged with Whitworth Cycles in 1894.  The card says on the back "In an age when bicycles were heavy, the Rudge-Whitworth looks effortless to use, which must have been very appealing".  Fast forward to the 20th Century and in 1938 Rudge-Whitworth sponsored  Billie Fleming who set the women's record for the greatest distance cycled in a year

Brown's Cycle Works, Dale End, Ironbridge 1900-1920

If this is like most independent bike shops there will be an Aladdin's cave of bikes and equipment crammed inside - the sign advertises repairs, accessories and bespoke bicycles made to order.

Marco Pantini, Tour de France 1998
A very different bike with Pantini (nickname The Pirate) dancing on the pedals

whereas this card says "It does not matter who rides and who pedals. The main thing is to get it rolling".
Tour de France
Keeping it rolling (and breathing) up hill


Mail Adventures said...

Very brave people on these postcards, including the first woman, able to ride in that uncomfortable outfit!

marina said...

Great collection! My favorite is the second one, in black and white.

Lisa said...

I love that old bicycle shop one! Of course, one of mine is a bicycle shop too, so I many be biased!
Oh, riding bikes uphill... no thanks.

Kristiina K said...

B&W postcard is my favorite and Minna Immonens tandem-card.