Sunday 14 April 2024

Tree Time

2011: Europa - The Forest (Design - Alan Johnston)

 Time to take a walk in the woods
1990: Forests (Design - Malcom Waddell, foliage illustration Jan Waddell)
and look at the leaves
2007: 100th Anniversary of Reforestation (Design - O Petursson)
A birch branch and
Sorbus aucuparia

the leaves of the Rowan or Mountain ash, in folklore known as a tree of protection
1979: Forest Fruits and Nuts
Any time of year there is always something to entrance

40: Larch, and its pink 'larch rose' 50: Hazel with its tasty nuts 60: Chestnut, irresistible to pick up their nuts from the ground 90: Blackthorn, its spring blossom is one to look for in the hedgerows as it shows where to find sloes in the autumn, essential knowledge if wanting to make sloe gin.

Sunday Stamps theme this week is - Trees and Leaves - See It On A Postcard


viridian said...

Oh my, such superb stamps this week. thanks for sharing.

FinnBadger said...

Wow, what a great selection. Hard to pick a favorite, maybe the Luxembourg ones, although I love the fruits shown on the German ones.

violet s said...

The Luxembourg stamps make me want to get outside, but the German ones are great for all the different details.

Mail Adventures said...

I wouldn't mind to send/receive these! It's a great selection.

I think I have one from the last set.

Marina said...

Great collection. The first stamp is really beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I meant the second one from Cznada. Marina