Sunday, 28 May 2023



1947: Flowers (Design - Hans Fischer)
The joy of early spring flowers, I like how this stamp hints at the darkness of winter and the bright yellow of sunny days ahead. This is an Alpine Primrose which I read is now a rare resident of the limestone Alps.
1968: Flowers

Fast forward to summer and the Heliopsis which I love and is sometimes unkindly called the false sunflower so

2000: Millennium - Tree and Leaf

here is the real thing although most spectacular when there are hundreds of sunflowers in a field.

2008: Grains (Design Beatrice Wurgler) + 2007: Birds (Design - Eva Weber)

Golden fields of barley are wonderful in a different way with their quiet rustling in the warm winds of summer. If one walked through the fields a Great Tit might be spotted although is more likely to be seen in woodlands and at the garden feeder.

2013: Europa - Postman's Van (Design - Gunter Gamroth)

Yellow is a popular postal colour and how inviting this image is, it makes me want to jump into the driving seat.  The vehicle is Lloyd Electrowagen of 1911 used for parcel delivery in towns and suburbs.  The German Postal Service continued to use electric vehicles until the 1960s, indeed some of them were so robust that they had been running for 40 years. Today Deutsche Post return to that era in spirit as they hope to have 60% of their vehicles running electrically by 2030.

Sunday Stamps theme this week is - Yellow - visit See It On A Postcard  



viridian said...

Thank you far sharing your pretty flower stamps and bird stamp.

violet s said...

I like your interpretation of the black background on the first stamp.
The yellow postal van would certainly be seen - a good safety feature.

Mail Adventures said...

For those who live in Spain, yellow is definitely the colour of post!

Yellow flowers are cheerful, and so are these stamps.