Sunday, 14 May 2023

Women of the World


2014: 15th Anniversary of the Birth of Alice Tegnér (Design Eva Wilsson; Engraver Lars Sjööblom)

Alice Tegnér was considered musical at an early age and took piano and organ lessons but her family could not afford to let her train as a musician so she trained as a teacher. When she married her lawyer husband, who she met while working as a governess, they moved to Djurshom where she became involved with the musical community. At home the songs she composed were sung by her children and then her children's playmates sang the same songs. This eventually led to them being published as  'Sing with us Mamma' and between 1892 and 1934 nine booklets were issued. Not only did she compose many children's songs still sung today in Sweden but classical and sacred music as well. In her busy life she also taught, played the organ and was a choir leader.

2005: Greta Garbo - Sweden/USA Joint Issue

Someone who needs no introduction - Greta Garbo, or her given name Greta Lovisa Gustafson.  The stamps are from a photograph taken by Clarence Sinclair Bull during filming of 'As You Desire Me' (1932).  The drawing is by Einar Nerman. Two famous names did the engraving Piotr Naszarkowski for the film photo and Lars Sjööblom, the drawing. I think it would what she would have demanded! The FDC shows a scene from 'The Temptress' (1926) with Antonio Moreno
1986: Costumes

The women of Mongolia.  Would you like to wear the pink or

black and gold?  No need to choose now, there seems to be an endless variety of traditional costumes in Mongolia.

Sunday Stamps theme this week - Women - See It On A Postcard


violet s said...

Sweden and musicians are certainly top of the news today! I quite like the Swedish additional stamp with Greta's caricature profile. those Mongolian women look stylish and warm

Mail Adventures said...

Those Greta Garbo stamps are very stylish. I like the star-postmark too.

And about the Mongolian outfit, they don't seem uncomfortable. I'm ready to choose right now: the pink one!