Sunday 4 June 2023

Underwater Sights


2000: World Tourism Day. Diving Sites

Time to travel to the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean and these Cuban stamps suggest some diving locations to try.  The fish await.  65 - French Angelfish at Santa Lucia a "diving paradise"; 75 - Black margate at Maria la Gorda, Cuba's most western tip

10 - Hawkbill Turtle at Guardalavaca, one of the first ports Christopher Columbus visited and once a refuge for pirates, today it is a refuge for  tourists. 15 - Nassau grouper at El Colony

1998: Deep Sea Fish

A deep submergence vehicle would be required to be able to see these weird and wonderful fish of the deep but without going to all that effort we can  enjoy through the pleasure of stamps.

Top:  Skate and a Gulper; Bottom, lots of teeth - Caulophryne and its illuminated 'fishing lure' and Sloan's viperfish in the twilight zone. Oh no now the  twilight zone theme music is now in my head

Sunday Stamps theme this week is - Fish - See It On A Postcard


violet s said...

I think fish are some of the strangest looking creatures to be found. those last four are certainly alien.

viridian said...

I agree the last four look very strange indeed! Coral reef snorkeling is wonderful, and colorful fish are part of that.

Mail Adventures said...

Imagine those on big size... Frightening!