Thursday 23 May 2024

On the Beach

 See It On A Postcard's Thursday Postcard Hunt is on the search for Oceans and Beaches...

so grab the bucket and spade and head on down to the shore, in this case somewhere in the Netherlands but a scene that could be recreated anywhere.
Bondi Beach photographed by Frank Hurley (1885-1962)
although sometimes with a lot more people
2007: Nostalgic Tourism
somewhere to retreat from the heat

Kardamili, Mani Peninsula, Peloponnese
like a Greek taverna and gaze at the sea or later watch the sunset.  The famous travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor lived in a hamlet near here which is mentioned in a guide to Kardamili

Lots of sandy beaches here on Sylt the largest of the North Frisean islands but the people in this postcard are not in search of sand but wind and waves.  This is a card for the Sylt windsurfing World Cup (even the postmarks are skimming along on the waves).
and the back gives us a map the 1994 world cup mark all topped off with Westerland frank on the stamp and then the incoming Carnforth cancel as is arrives in England. I can't remember but I must have picked up this card at the Second Hand Bookshop in Carnforth, an Aladdin's cave for the book and card enthusiast.


Mail Adventures said...

Greek tavernas are the very best!

marina said...

The Greek postcard is my favorite: mountain and water! what more can you ask for?

Lisa said...

Nice selection from all over! I like the Bondi beach one, although I wouldn't go to a beach with that many people. I like how the chairs are lined up just so. Sand pails and digging holes in the sand... that brings back memories!

violet s said...

I remember going to Bondi Beach, just to see it, and was mostly underwhelmed. The Greek view has everything you could ask for - so beautiful. We do not have those traditional beach chairs here, and I miss that.