Sunday 24 September 2023



2020: Brilliant Bugs (Illustrator - Richard Lewington

They are all around us, brilliant bugs.  The stamps are designed by Richard Lewington, illustrator of many insect guides, never wonder what that bug might be with a field guide to hand.

1953: Beetles
Although as my eyesight is not what  it was so something that sits still on a leaf, branch or on the ground is good. A nice shiny Jewel Bug like this would be perfect. 
2018: Flora and Fauna (Design - Stiina Hovi)

The flash of red on a stem and time to count the spots on a ladybird before she flies away.

1997: Insects (Design - A Ysttri)

The full 7 spots can be seen here - Coccinella septempunctate, our most familiar ladybird, welcomed by gardeners and organic farmers for their voracious appetite for aphids. Even better the 7 spotted ladybird is considered lucky, although not for the aphid.

Sunday Stamps theme this week is - Insects - See It On A Postcard


violet s said...

Now, ladybugs I like!
It's nice to see the whole set of brilliant bugs (my dealer only had 2 of the postcards)

viridian said...

I have the ladybird spider in my Sunday Stamps post. We have a ladybug but the spots are different.

Mail Adventures said...

I wonder why everyone likes ladybugs and sort of hate the rest of insects, even benefical ones!

marina said...

Beautiful stamps!!!