Sunday, 22 January 2023

Save the Forest


1984: Centenary International Order of Good Templars

Trees were once abundant in Iceland before the Vikings arrived and felled them to build houses and other structures.   After a few hundred years most of the trees had been cut down which gives us its landscape today. Despite this some native trees can be found in certain areas and there also have been reforestation efforts in recent times.  There are certainly trees on this stamp.  I think the subject of the stamp - the Order of Good Templars is a temperance organisation and features one of their lodges.

1985: Protection of Nature - Save the Forest

I don't know about 1985 but German forests today are threatened by a changing climate of drought and heat not to mention the highly publicised forest that is going to be cut down to expand a coal mine.

1988: Survival of the Forest

In 1988 the United Nations issued stamps to raise awareness of the dangers of forest destruction

and the Vienna Headquarters chose this autumnal view.
1983: British Gardens (Design - Liz Butler)

Relax and go forest bathing at Blenheim Palace home to one of the oldest woodlands in Europe with oaks dating back to the 12th Century.  The United Nations theme for the International Day of Forests  in March is 'Forest Restoration; a path to recovery and well-being'.

Sunday Stamps theme this week is - Trees - See It On A Postcard


FinnBadger said...

You have some stunning stamps for today. Autumn is my favorite season, and the stamps with the changing leaf colors are wonderful.

violet s said...

That UN se-tenant stamp is gorgeous.

viridian said...

I posted individual tree branches. Great to see forest stamps!

Mail Adventures said...

The United Nations vertical design is very beautiful. Actually, I like all the stamps you posted today.